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August 2012

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When most people vacation, one word comes to mind: relaxation. Disconnecting from your phones and laptops and letting your mind wander is a great way to vacation. It’s the perfect time to sit back, grab an ice-cold beer or a steaming cup of coffee and dig into a good book or just nap the day away, letting all that stress you’ve developed from long work weeks in your cubicle slowly melt away. We all deserve a break from time to time, right?

But then there are another group of vacationers – those gals that live an active lifestyle during their regular lives and want their vacations to be packed with just as much adventure, if not more. Sometimes the simple act of exploring (on foot of course) a new town is the best adventure you can have. Getting lost walking around a sprawling downtown area, stumbling into a quirky café or simply having no plans at all and just winging it – all the above constitutes some sort of adventure, but some of you still want more.

Whether traveling alone or with a group of girlfriends, your number one tip for having an active and adventurous vacation is making friends with the hotel concierge. These folks live in the town you’re visiting and are the first to know of the adventures going on, whether it’s a local sporting event, horseback riding through picturesque mountains or something else completely unique and special to that city. Not to mention these folks, along with all the other hotel staff, want you to have the most enjoyable and memorable vacation ever.

For a list of fun ideas to keep you active on vacation, there is a great concierge website specifically made to give you ideas no matter where you’re traveling. Not sure exactly what kind of adventure you’re looking for? Take this simple, yet informative quiz from National Geographic to see how you should go about planning your next vacation and to find out just how adventurous you really are.

Another tip for your next vacation: don’t be afraid to ask. Some people are innate planners and it just comes naturally to them, so their vacations aren’t any different. Don’t feel you have to plan your vacation out yourself – call ahead to the hotel and ask for ideas and do some of your own Google research. Ask your network of friends if they’ve ever hiked through Napa and if so what their recommendations were.

If you’re into sports, see if the town you’re visiting has a local baseball team and ask your concierge about shuttles to and from the stadium or even discounted tickets. Many Marriott hotels have packages related to local sporting events providing you direct access to tickets and even stadium tours along with other girly adventures to suit your vacation needs. As with all things in life, it never hurts to ask. Let the adventures begin.

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