Patti Morrow

Thumbnail image Patti Morrow was born with insatiable wanderlust, eventually following her passion into a successful career as a freelance travel writer and photographer. A self-proclaimed “adrenaline junkie,” she specializes in women’s adventure travel and has traveled throughout most of the United States and more than forty countries abroad. Her byline has appeared in dozens of print and online publications. Follow her adventures at:
Her Stories:

China is full of surprises, from superstitions to fascinating food choices to the iconic sites. So when my friend Alison and I talked about planning an epic girls trip, one country stood out over all others: China. ... read more

I can say hands-down that the very best thing I did on my Panama City Beach girlfriend getaway was fly with the girls. And by girls, I don’t mean just me and the other female passenger, Donna. Our “bird” was a ... read more

I didn’t want to do it. Every fiber of my being was screaming, “NO!” The seemingly vertical drop looked... read more

“Stop laughing. You need the right attitude to pull this off,” I said to Rebecca and Marie, head turned away to hide my own smirk. We shuffled our way towards the shrine looming at the end of the cobblestone ... read more