Colleen Oakes

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Denver, Colorado is upping its game. I don’t know if you’ve heard the rumors, but Denver is the not just the new L.A. It’s the new New York. College graduates are picking Denver over both those cities to flock to ... read more

At the suggestion of the fantastic Hawaii Adventure Center, we girls booked an ATV tour in Kauai with Kipu Ranch Adventures. Let me say that again: an ATV tour. I've never been on an ATV. Ever. I'm not one... read more

Today was the first time that I have ever taken a real train. I've taken some pseudo- trains before in Manhattan, accompanied by that unmistakable steaming pastry/NY smell... read more

I love traveling. There is nothing quite like arriving in a new place, a place that you haven’t seen and experiencing it in all it’s glory. Smelling the aromas, tasting the local cuisine, seeing... read more

Last month, I had the pleasure of visiting the Four Seasons Denver. The entire hotel pulsed with energy and luxury. The lobby – gorgeous. The staff – incredibly attentive. The restaurant – delicious. The ... read more