Valentine Fun in Times Square: I Heart New York – Literally!

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Big Heart Times Square New York City

New York City knows how to do things big! For its 4th annual Valentine’s celebration Times Square has installed a giant, pulsing red heart in the center of their busy tourist district. It would be impossible to plan a February NYC girls’ trip without heading down to the square to have a gander at the “BIG ❤ NYC” Valentine sculpture designed by the appropriately named ‘Big’ architecture firm.

Made up of 400 transparent LED acrylic tubes, the 10-foot glass cube and suspended heart interacts with the flow of people, air, and touch. Its heart beats faster the more people touch a sensor near the installation.

The bigger the crowd and excitement the more it glows and beats. I can’t imagine what would happen if Ryan Gosling showed up in Times Square!

Have a closer look at the big heart on the “BIG ❤ NYC” website.

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